More About Me

With my Real Estate License earned in 1986 and subsequent
achievement of the Real Estate Broker status in 1996, my journey in the real
estate world has been a fulfilling one. Over the years, I have taken immense
pleasure in assisting families in realizing their Real Estate Dreams. My track
record speaks volumes, as I have consistently delivered multi-million-dollar
sales year after year, solidifying my position as a seasoned and trusted
professional in the field.

My expertise spans a diverse spectrum within the real estate
landscape, catering to the unique needs of first-time homebuyers, seasoned
homebuyers, and sellers alike. While I have a strong foothold in luxury homes,
new construction, and land development, my reach extends into the picturesque
realm of Oakland County, with special attention to select areas in Lapeer
County. However, what truly sets me apart is not just my extensive experience,
but my unswerving dedication to ensuring that every real estate transaction is
an exceptionally smooth and enjoyable experience for my clients.

I am truly passionate about forging lasting connections with
my clients throughout their real estate journey. Whether you're buying or
selling, I am committed to going above and beyond, delivering the highest standard
of professional and outstanding customer service. Your satisfaction and
happiness are my unwavering motivation, and I am devoted to making your real
estate dreams a reality with a seamless and delightful process.